Investigation/ Inspections

Investigating a traffic collision follows a multidisciplinary approach requiring unique expertise in many disciplines. Mr. Weiss is a mechanical engineer and collision reconstructionist with extensive hands-on experience Read More


Traffic collision reconstruction involves the application of fundamental laws and principles of physics to determine collision parameters such as impact type and severity, i.e., collision speed, impact orientation and direction, and velocity changes. Read More

Forensic Testing

Mr. Weiss routinely conducts research and testing in order to gain insight into the unique set of conditions each case provides. From full-scale crash tests, seat belt component testing and tire friction testing. Read More


Graphical and visual trial exhibits are often used to support expert testimony, because they increase a jury’s potential to understand complex and technical concepts. Mr. Weiss uses aerial photography. Read More


Expert testimony delivering the clear and cohesive presentation of opinions with supporting visual exhibits is crucial to help juries, lawyers, and judges understand the technical issues involved in each case. Read More