Forensic Testing

Mr. Weiss routinely conducts research and testing in order to gain useful insight into the unique set of conditions each case provides. Forensic testing such as brake or acceleration testing, seat belt component failure testing, full-scale vehicle-to-barrier tests and sled testing may be employed to better understand the associated vehicle collision dynamics and corresponding occupant kinematics. Much like the scientific method, testing the initial hypotheses may help validate potential theories of why and how a traffic collision occurred.

Testing Services include:

  • Vehicle Acceleration and Brake Testing
  • Seat Belt Component Failure Testing and Performance Evaluations
    • Webbing Tension to Failure Testing
    • Anchor Strength Testing
    • Latch Plate Failure Testing
    • Force-Deflection Component Testing
    • Load-Direction Failure Evaluations
  • Full-Scale Instrumented Vehicle Testing
    • Vehicle-to-Barrier Impact Testing
    • Vehicle-to-Vehicle Impact Testing
    • Sled Buck Impact Series Testing