Investigation/ Inspections

Investigating a traffic collision follows a multidisciplinary approach requiring unique expertise in many disciplines. Mr. Weiss is a mechanical engineer and collision reconstructionist with extensive hands-on experience in digital surveying and mapping techniques, photography and videography, and evaluations of mechanical and component failures.

Accurate and comprehensive documentation of the physical evidence on the roadway and vehicle form the basis of a comprehensive collision reconstruction.  Vehicle deformation may assist the investigator to determine crush profiles (i.e., collision severity), vehicle intrusion as it relates to occupant injuries, occupant impacts to interior surfaces, and restraint system performance.

Roadway evidence such as tire friction marks, scrapes and gouges, evidence paint applied by law enforcement personnel, fluid stains, furrows and soil disturbances are all susceptible to degradation over. That is, these time-sensitive artifacts are best examined soon after a collision event.

Investigation Services include:

  • Digital Laser Scanning Service
  • Event Data Recorder Imaging
  • Digital Surveying and Scale Diagramming
  • Aerial (Drone) Photography and Videography
  • Collision Site and Vehicle Inspections
  • Vehicle Interior Artifacts Examination
  • Vehicle Component/ Failure Testing
  • Product Liability Evaluations
  • Traffic Signal Phase Diagram and Timing Sheet Analysis
  • Nighttime, Conspicuity, and Visibility Studies
  • Headlight/ Brake Light Filament On/Off Analysis