Michelle R. Hoffman, M.S. – Forensic Injury Analysis, LLC

I have worked with Kurt Weiss on litigation related cases and collaborated with him for professional presentations.  I find Kurt to be honest and reliable.  He has great attention to detail, and always completes tasks in a timely manner.

Bob Anderson – Biomechanics Analysis

Over the years I have had the opportunity to investigate traffic collisions and engage in publishing activities with Kurt Weiss.  Besides his expertise in accident investigation and reconstruction, he has demonstrated a willingness to give back to the scientific community through his work in professional societies, such as the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, and through his teaching forensic principles.

Harold Franck, President – Advanced Engineering Associates, Inc.

Advanced Engineering Associates Inc. has been associated with Kurt Weiss for more than a dozen years through their mutual involvement in the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Mr. Weiss has held various offices with the Engineering Sciences Section of the Academy through the years. Additionally, he has given a multitude of presentations on accident reconstruction and related issues. These presentations and his work have always been of the highest quality and technical rigor. We are deeply proud of our association with this superior quality forensic engineer.

Jorge Mendoza – Litigation Animation, Inc.

Kurt Weiss always works with a smile on his face and he easily laughs. His ability to communicate clearly and effectively has been a great asset on past projects. He is both intelligent and humble, a trait that the jury surely appreciates. Kurt takes his work assignments very serious and has always behaved professionally with the utmost of integrity.

Kirk A. Fields, P.E. – UCSB Mechanical Engineering Department

I have been working with Kurt Weiss for over twenty years and continue to be impressed by his work ethic, professionalism, expertise and attention to detail.  From our initial seat belt testing I was impressed by his interest in thorough testing and analysis as well as the desire to further the science of restraint systems.  Over the years we have performed a myriad of experiments ranging from seat belt expansion loops and buckles to bolted joints and gas tank indentation.  Every testing session has been addressed with care in reproducing the case conditions as closely as possible in a laboratory environment, often requiring custom-designed fixtures and tooling.  Mr. Weiss’ mechanical inclination and intuition has always been crucial in the development of the test apparatus and test technique.  He is rarely daunted by a complicated experiment if it will accurately represent real-world conditions.

Not only have I associated with Kurt in a professional engineering sense, but he has been a guest speaker for UCSB’s Introductory Concepts in Mechanical Engineering course for the past eighteen years.  He has a keen interest in sharing his engineering experience in industry with the students in addition to attempting to foster their passion for real-world problem-solving.  Kurt’s talk consistently generates intense interest in all aspects of engineering forensics.

Brady Held – Courtroom Animation

I had the privilege of working directly with Mr. Weiss on a high-stakes, multiple-vehicle collision, products liability case on which he proved himself to be an exceptional engineer and accident reconstructionist. His understanding of vehicle dynamics coupled with his knowledge of cutting-edge visualization technologies allowed our legal team to create stunning and accurate exhibits that helped secure an outstanding result. I very much look forward to working with Kurt on future projects.

Haunt Gold Rama – Video Accident Simulations

Bright, insightful and energetic, Kurt is a pleasure to work with and an asset on any case.