Traffic collision reconstruction is a multidisciplinary process of gathering relevant evidence and then applying fundamental laws and principles of physics to determine case-specific collision parameters. These parameters include, but are not limited to collision severity, impact speed, vehicle heading and orientation, and principle direction of force. Roadway and vehicle evidence carefully documented during the investigation form the basis of a detailed collision analysis.

Kurt Weiss has reconstructed hundreds of traffic collisions including commercial vehicles, municipal buses, passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. His detailed analysis and interpretation of physical and digital evidence provide the basis to accurately describe the cause of a traffic collision. When necessary, Mr. Weiss employs specialists in aerial photography and visualization to create compelling trial exhibits that represent and communicate the findings of his investigations and analyses.

Reconstruction Services include:

  • Comprehensive Collision Reconstruction
  • Physical Evidence Interpretation and Matching (i.e., tire marks, gouges, scrapes, glass fragments)
  • Vehicle Crash Data (EDR) Analysis
  • Photogrammetry and Security Video Analysis
  • HVE Collision Reconstruction and Simulation
  • Vehicle Time/Speed/Position History Calculations
  • Occupant Kinematics
  • Correlating Occupant Injury to Vehicle Interior Artifacts
  • Causation and Avoidance
  • Staged or Fraudulent Collision Analysis