EDR Pre-Crash Data Provides Supporting Details in Motorcycle Collision Analysis

A passenger vehicle was involved in a traffic collision with a left-turning motorcycle that started from rest in a protected turn. Significant damage including numerous fractures to the motorcycle’s frame and slide distance to the point of rest suggested a high-speed collision. A preliminary collision reconstruction using conventional skid-to-stop methods suggested the vehicle’s pre-braking speed exceeded the posted speed limit.

The vehicle inspection included the authorized retrieval of crash data from the EDR. Pre-crash data confirmed vehicle operator inattention as the service brakes were applied during the last 0.5sec before impact. Furthermore, the vehicle was being operated well above the posted speed. The EDR data was helpful in proving the facts to the satisfactory resolution of this case.

Issues/ Parameters Determined:

  • Impact Speed
  • Slide-to-Rest Distance
  • Driver’s Inattention
  • Service Brake Application
  • Pre-Braking Speed