Kurt Weiss attends 2020 EDR Summit, Houston, TX

Kurt Weiss attended the 2020 EDR Summit, held March 9th through 11th, 2020, in Houston, TX. Hosted by Crash Data Group, the annual EDR Summit focuses on Event Data Recorder research, collection and analysis for vehicle crash investigation, and is the only conference in the United States dedicated to users of EDR Tools and other in-vehicle data. Featured topics include:

  • Bosch Diagnostics CDR Tool Updates
  • Testing and Validation of Toyota Vehicle Control History Data
  • Nissan Steering and Recording Threshold
  • Traffic Signals as an EDR
  • How Auto Insurance Claims Department Incorporates Crash Data into Investigations
  • Legal Challenges Regarding EDR Data
  • Examples of Forensic Investigations using Berla Digital Tool
  • Subaru ADAS System
  • Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking (P-AEB)
  • Locomotive Event Recorder Downloads
  • Crossing Signal Event Recorders