Testing the Crash Locking Tongue

Testing was performed on new seat belt assemblies to investigate the effect of the Crash Locking Tongue design on reducing the breaking strength of the webbing. The type-2, dual-pretensioner (sill-end and retractor) assembly features 47mm wide polyester webbing, and a dual-locking, switchable load limiting retractor. Three-point anchoring held the seat belt webbing in a “V” shape with an included angle of approximately 45 degrees. The end of the lap belt webbing was in preloaded in tension. The latch plate tongue was held by a clevis pin. The end of the shoulder belt webbing was held by a split-drum grip secured to a hydraulic cylinder. The shoulder belt web-grip displacement rate was between approximately 89 and 94mm/s. Data was sampled at 1000Hz.

The results of testing were published at the 73rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (2021).